Emojis: Top Ten

Should emojis be officially be admitted into our (computer) written language. Yes, they’re corny and it’s kind of spoon-feeding, but they’re also, well, emotive: surprising and amusing ones placed in just the right place can really spice things up. The trick is to be on the prowl for a circumstances for which one of these top ten award-winners would fit. I wish it was easier to have our own first class emoji dictionary automatically arranged from top to bottom according to a relative ranking in a hierarchy with positive moods on top, so you could roll through and get good at zeroing in on the right emotional essence of a given statement, not just an ironic or overdone one. and  even break through into the sincere?

The size of the emoji format limits the portrayal of any emotional complexity, but the laughing one with tears is a well-earned winner (the side-smoocher is my #2), both of which get me trying to dream up such a circumstances.


Here’s a good group



Here is an interesting duo in which there is no relationship going on, just the combination of happy and sad; perhaps it could be placed in the exact middle of the emoji dictionary? I’m pretty sure the eye directions are clinically correct.

Interacting emojis

Deep concern

I’m really worried about you!

IMPATIENCEHow about emailing me back sometime this century?

—————————————–Note subtle head movement.

Bravo emoji

Cool guy

Kissing monkey




But then again…Maybe Emojis just can’t get by this kind of schmaltz….or can it?

emoji-4Emoji art

Emoji Girl2EmojiThug

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  1. Equally fascinating and amusing, John. Emoticons ARE hokey, but their aim—to lessen confusion about tone—is laudable.

    I have often wished that by glancing at each other we could tell by skin color someone’s emotional state. Really happy might glow green, really sad dark blue. I don’t think we could handle such clear outward signals of inner distress, actually. But we’d read moods and emotional states at a glance, and watch them bounce around through the day.

  2. John: If you haven’t done so already, google “Paul Ekman”. He’s the pioneer in the scientific study of facial expressions and the emotions they convey. Also, google “Paul Ekman Inside Out”. He was the psychologist consultant for that hit movie, which is all about emotions. Ekman is acknowledged in the credits.

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