This is the last post for this blog, at least as it has existed since January of 2012. It has been a laboratory to test new ideas, and now they have all crystallized into a book—and a new blog beginning next month. I have passionately loved only a hand full of other things as much in my adult life (I’m not talking people here):

Yes, these were objects into which I poured love until they veritably glowed. I fortify myself with the thought that just as I have fallen in love, I have also fallen out of love. The first two lovees are resting un-mourned beneath some circling gulls, deep within a landfill. As to the court? It sits out there, day after day, taunting me like a spiteful old ex’ with her hideous deterioration.

Occasionally I wonder what will happen to this blog that oozes my karma.

Perhaps, at least for a while, it will be held close like a zeppelin-ghost attached by its odd links, not to just one search-engine, but many in case one should falter. These thoughts will tide me over while I court my new blog, who I will tell you is scandalously young and drop-dead gorgeous.

But then the links will loosen with time, one by one broken and left dangling to gently wave in the cyber breezes…until, one day the last link will snap, and then something that I loved intimately and passionately will forever be adrift…




7 Comments on “The Last Post…New-and-Improved Blog Coming Next Month”

  1. John, you sound like a true romantic in this post. Love, reveries, beauty, nature, time passing.

      1. Been reading through your post searching for some mention of Julian Jaynes and his work
        “The Origin of Consciousness in The Break down of The Bicameral Mind. Are you familiar with his work and if so what do you make of it? I looked for a topic to post on but i figured the last post might be the best place to make contact.

        1. Tom, thanks so much for your interest. Yes, I too was fascinated with Jaynes’s theory in the 70’s was excited about the split-brain studies in the 70’s, leading to Sperry winning the Nobel prize. I spent the better part of two years in the 1980’s intensively researching the literature on split brain studies, thinking that the right hemisphere might be related to the evolution of authority from the differential effects lateral brain injury at causing depression. In the end, though, I thought the evidence was just not there, and ended up thinking that laterality had to do with the necessity of language function to be clustered in a single location due to the need for closely integration. At the bottom of the above post, I put in some drawings I had made during the 80’s that you might be interested in.

        2. I agree the claims Jaynes was proposing are a bit far fetched but, I do believe he was on to something in the same vein as yourself in regards to the limits of hard science has due to the limits of language itself. There has certainly been a shift since the dawn of the internet and big data in regards to human behavior and it seems we are writing the Newest Testament for some unknown party of the future. The similarities between the collected oral histories regarding “the flood” or “the fall” are hopelessly entwined with out current global “crisis”. Enjoying the blog.

        3. Don’t get me wrong, Tom. I appreciate your opinions; I appreciate you. We’re on the same page. Stick with me here; I need you because you’re onto it. Wait til you see where I’m going next. -John

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