What we caught from Neandertals

SAD is an STD (and we caught it from the Neandertals!)

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major mental illnesses are an epiphenomenon—or “side effect”—of the major adaptation that bestowed upon us the miraculous capacities of reflective self-consciousness and the deep complexity of syntactical language that has enabled our rich symbolic culture. Therefore we should look at the mentally ill as paying the price for our extraordinary capacities.

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Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir;#5 Major Depressions & Panic Disorder Point to Ancient Dynamics of Group Formation

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The first mental illness that revealed a major component of human nature was the most common variety of severe depression, which, due to a quirk of history, is called “atypical depression.” It is officially recognized that a major ingredient of this kind of depression is separation anxiety, blown up into an illness by the pathological …

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