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EGO (Excerpt from book)

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The motivation for self-display, which is part of virtually all aspects of modern human striving by individuals, throws a different light on the role of ego. Freud cast the ego in modern humans as a mediator between the superego, representing the inhibitions demanded by society, and the antisocial impulses of the (primate) id. To me, …

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The Freudian Ego Cast As the Hero

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                                ADDENDUM TO PREVIOUS POST In 1991, when we were “full tilt” with four young kids, working like hell and always strapped, I announced to my magnificently indulgent wife that I intended to hire a cartoonist at $100 per picture to illustrate my thoughts. I placed the following ad in The Washington Post:   AD …

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A Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir; #10: The Genius of Vanity

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Freud’s observation that humans are hypersexual has become such a cultural staple to have settled in as the sitcom-with-canned-laughter cash-cow. Although I had long been steeped in Darwin’s theories of sexual selection and sexual display, I hadn’t put the two together until I read Geoffrey Miller’s book, The Mating Mind (2000), the thesis of which …

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