Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind

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Since my retirement 10 years ago, Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind has been a work in progress. The basic ideas arose from my knowledge of the internal experience of the major mental illnesses directly imparted to me by thousands of my patients in 35 years of practicing psychiatry. The “data” of these composite descriptions …

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Richard Dawkins, EOWilson, Nepotism and Human Bonds

Richard Dawkins, E.O. Wilson, Nepotism and the Nature of Human Bonds

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I have been re-editing my book, and thought that this key juncture might hold together on its own. As mentioned, [Richard] Dawkins popularized the concept that natural selection can proceed at the level of genes. For example, some insects will sacrifice themselves for several of their genetic relatives. This is because it is actually the …

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What’s Missing in Matt Ridley’s “The Evolution of Everything?”

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You can quibble around the edges about his analysis (and painfully trite take on religion), but I think he is generally right just as I have been claiming in this blog: over the long haul, human history has been in the direction of greater justice accompanied by prosperity—resulting from the progressive coordination of our increasingly divided labor.

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Group Selection: A brief history

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There is very little argument that the reason that Homo sapiens has become the most dominant species on earth is our extraordinary ability to cooperate—I would say coordinate—in their behavior towards mutual goals. The issue addressed in this blog is how this came about. The demonstration by William Hamilton of “kin selection” in which the …

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Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir; #8: Another Dimension

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I had had glimmers of spiritual yearnings with a dreamy schoolboy’s love of Wordsworth and which returned when reading Kierkegaard and Jung that year in the World Trade Center when this all began; but all that had been dormant for years. However, concurrent with my purely intellectual ferment, there were several events that began to …

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In The Social Conquest of Earth, E. O. Wilson soft-pedals and sugarcoats the darkness of his vision of human nature so transparently expressed in his novel, Anthill, as similar to chronically warring colonies of ants – all our virtue derives from the cooperation necessary for groups to successfully wage war. In his ant myth of …

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God FAQ: Why Do Religions – Particularly Those with One God – Fight So Much? (first of series)

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  This is a complex FAQ, but a very important  one because deep misunderstanding on this issue is a large reason for the hostility against religion.  I am going to use E.O.Wilson as my philosophical foil to begin with because there are two important points on which we agree.  First is that all human power …

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Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth (he knows ants – I know people)-1st of series

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       I feel compelled to write on the momentous occasion E.O. Wilson’s newly released The Social Conquest of Earth.  Those few who know my thinking know that I have high regard for E.O.Wilson and that he has inspired me for many years.  I would point out a couple things though. Dr. Wilson knows ants.  …

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Monogamy: Ardi and the Ants

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Ardipithecus ramidus, nicknamed Ardi, is arguably the most significant fossil find in the history of paleoanthropology due to its completeness and antiquity – 4.4 M. years, just 1.6 M. years after the last common ancestor with Chimpanzees.  The theoretician of the group, Owen Lovejoy hypothesized that the reduction in the size of the male canine …

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E. O Wilson Throws Down the Challenge.

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    My book, Apes, Ants, and Ancestors, is a response to this challenge by E. O. Wilson to draw a “new mythos” based on the “facts of evolution.”           For centuries the writ of empiricism has been spreading into the ancient domain of transcendentalist belief, slowly at the start but …

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Group Selection

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The central thesis of this narrative of human evolution is quite simple.  The distinguishing feature of our 6 million year old hominin Family from the beginning is the common heritage of evolution by a unique mechanism resulting from a rare and controversial form of natural selection that occurred at the level of small groups.  I …

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