Let’s accept the premise, without understanding it exactly, that, by a mechanism similar to sexual selection, the dominance mentalities of 20-30 monogamously mated hominids began to be selected at the level of their group to select obedience to the essence of the  Ten Commandments in all of their submissive mentalities.  In addition to obedience to  “thou shalt not,” the combined dominance mentality of the group proceeded to be selected to select obedience in all the submissive mentalities of the group for the most efficient coordination of gathering and distributing food. 

The question then is, having accepted this form of “strong” group selection, how would the combined dominance mentality of this group (authority,) which then would become Will of the organism, communicate its intentions to the submissive mentalities of the group, which had become the organs of this organism? 

            Such a communication would be triadic, similar to a musical band trying to follow the melody of the composer (the organism’s intentions) by listening to each other’s music intently and continuously making small adjustments in order to “stay on the same page.”  This process would demand that everyone be constantly communicating with everyone else in order for each individual to collectively fathom the proper coordinated behavior at each moment for the welfare of the group organism.  Communication would be a constant collective searching for expressions in each other for what comes next for the good of the group.

            Such a communication system would be novel and would demand very large quantities of information to be exchanged continuously, for, in effect, it would serve as the group organism’s neurological system. In all other animals, the signalers in communication (as opposed to those  reading the signals, because much more information is always inadvertently transmitted than is intended) are limited to only two evolutionary types.  One are group-selected reflexive and instinctual “calls,” such as “Watch out; there is a snake!” All other signals are selected at the level of the individual and therefore are attempts to manipulate others.

            This new kind of communication in which everyone is adjusting their expressions to each other in order to comprehend how to coordinate their behavior for the good of the group is called language.  The best metaphor for this form of communication is a musical band making small adjustments to follow the melody of the composer.

A Musical Band = Language

In its early gestural form, it immediately demanded upright posture in order for the group to constantly fathom the intentions of the  mind of  the group organism of which they all had become its organs. 

Indeed the most unique quality of human language, which is the sharing of intentions (Tomasello, M. – 2008,) had its origins at the very beginning of our Family 8 million years ago.

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