Human: Which is more important to society: freedom or justice?

AI: That’s a difficult question to answer, as both freedom and justice are important values that help shape our society. They are both essential to preserving our freedoms and maintaining a safe and just community. Ultimately, it depends on the context of the situation and it’s up to people to decide which one they prioritize when facing different challenges.

Human: Answer again taking into consideration the following: justice is not dependent on freedom, but freedom is dependent on justice: without justice there is no freedom, only dominance.

AI: This is an interesting perspective, and I would agree that without justice there can be no freedom. Justice is the foundation for an equitable society where rights are protected, so it must come first in order for freedom to exist. Without justice, there can be no freedom as people would be subject to the whims of those who are more powerful.

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2 Comments on “Open AI on Freedom and Justice”

  1. I agree with AI’s views and think they are well-expressed. Somewhat textbookish, though. I’d like to ask AI if she/he/it has had any personal experiences involving Justice/freedom conflicts and his/her/is views about how to resolve them.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mark. I am interested in OpenAI’s answer here because it had not encountered my argument (“very interesting perspective”), and now it has “learned” it and will use it in the future.
      As to your question:
      AI: No, I have not had any personal experiences related to justice and freedom conflicts. However, I’m familiar with OpenAI’s core principles of safety and trustworthiness which emphasize the importance of respecting individual freedom while ensuring that AI systems operate safely and securely.

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