Primate dominance hierarcies

In this blog much converging evidence has been presented that humans have been the legacy of three fundamental evolutionary epochs. The first and least controversial was our 50 million primate legacy. It was during this time that hierarchical groups were formed characterized by relationships of dominance and submission. Brain size was determined by the need for each member’s position in a given hierarchy to be understood by all in the group. One’s evolutionary destiny depended on relentless competition exerted by this internal ecology. Thus the deepest human impulse to dominate and win is a legacy shared by our primate cousins.

God creating Adam

Our second and singularly unique legacy is from the six-million year hominid epoch. It was during this time that the dominance impulse was both domesticated and ascended into the agency of moral authority in the functioning of monogamous groups of three to seven nuclear families. Brain size increased due to these groups’ ability to divide their labor and coordinate group survival thereby attaining the status of organisms. Power—the ability of many individuals to act as one—emerged on earth without competition or internal strife, but by means of a passive evolutionary process in which the superior breeding capacity of the most effectively coordinated subgroups within a given group prevailed.

God punishing evil

This coordination was leaderless and egalitarian and driven by after-the-fact selection of which subgroup most maximized the advantages of the multiple heads and bodies beyond a single individual. These inter breeding groups, although functioning as single organisms, were not competitive, but gregarious with one another. This was so because they all existed within and were obedient to the same dominant consciousness of authority, a manifestation of God, whose foundational mandate was and still is that peace should prevail through the dispensing of justice for evil (including freeloading) that threatened these organisms like a disease.

The glory of war

 Our third and most recent epoch wrought by our own Homo sapiens species is our individual proclivity for sexual display leading to self-consciousness. This explosion of the ability to imitate sexually attractive behavior from one group to the next led to the creation of a symbol world in which information could be shared and stored by many groups as culture in the process of which knowledge began rapidly evolving. As has been extensively described, this led to the Age of Usurpation of God’s power by vainglorious individuals resulting in the historical period of constant strife of group against group.

            In the following series of posts I will explore how this new way of thinking about human nature affects how we view ourselves—both the interior within ourselves—and how we view each other in light of the burning consciousness of our mortality.