Therapy for Stigma
Mental illness stigma

The clinical goal of this book is to diagnose and treat the insult of social stigma that has always been part of the suffering of mental illnesses. My aim is to humanize these conditions by revealing that they are disorders of the very emotions and motivations that have rendered us human throughout the epic struggle of our evolutionary journey. Once the intimate connection between mental illness and all that is human in us becomes clear, so will the sentiment that those among us living with these terrible afflictions should be respected for paying a price— not just for our humanity, but for our ascendant mind with which we have been so richly endowed.

The same experiences of mental illness stigmatized through the ages become ancient beacons illuminating a fresh and uplifting vision of who we are. Apart from hopes for more effective treatments, in my dreams I go to a time when the profound humanness of mental illness is felt and also honored.

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2 Comments on “New Rx for STIGMA of Mental Illness”

  1. John, as I stated previously, I think case studies would help you with your “aim…to humanize these conditions.” I don’t recall whether I said this before, but I’ve now seen the movie JOKER five times. It presents a very sympathetic portrayal of a mentally ill individual (and a mentally ill society). It is now the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.

  2. Mark, I am remiss in not seeing The Joker yet, but will remedy that!
    I know clinical case narratives are important, and I have many in the book where I have carefully tried to protect their identities. However, I am very reluctant to post them on the internet, because it seems a step more public.
    Thanks for the comment as always,

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