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New Order of the Ages


Was sexual selection enough of an evolutionary force to establish monogamous kinship groups of 20-30 individuals with bonds strong enough to coordinate food gathering and fighting off predators?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Another evolutionary force emerged in nature 6 million years ago for the first time on this earth. 

Starting with a single pair-bond in a group then spreading to two pair-bonds, by means of the same mechanism as in sexual selection, their dominance mentalities began to be selected to select the submissive mentalities in each other that were most obedient to the new rules promoting the inherent survival benefits of monogamy. 

Once again, evolution is a passive process of selection determined by which permutations of pair-bonds were the most prolific. Those pair-bonds within a group containing dominance mentalities that ended up interacting with submissive mentalities in such a way as to optimally maintain monogamy simply out-produced those that did not.  In this way the individual dominance mentalities immersed into a group mentality of authority, and in this way the rules of promoting the strength of the individual were transformed into the rules promoting the strength of these monogamous subgroups within groups. In this way the rules of the jungle were transformed into the rules of justice, and in this way the force of a theistic God emerged on earth.

This transformation was not cognitive but emotional.  The dominance mentalities within small groups lifted away from their attachment to individuals into the relational space between them and became the force of authority for the good of the group.  The individual consciousness of these groups merged into the single consciousness of authority whose intentions were to be fathomed by a new kind of communication called language in which everyone had to be in a constant state of gestural contact similar to a band of musicians following a composer.  That is why these new creatures had to suddenly stand upright in order to constantly be involved with expressing-and-understanding their communal intentions.  Everyone now both spoke (gestured) and understood through authority, which now existed in the realm of spirit. Don’t listen to me; Listen to it in yourselves!  Does not this passage from Martin Buber’s I and Thou (1958) ring true?

“Spirit is word.  And even as verbal speech may first become word in the brain of man and then become sound in his throat, although both are merely refractions of the true event because in truth language does not reside in man but man stands in language and speaks out of it – so it is with all words, all spirit.”


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