We have understood that by means of the process of selection inclusion, the

God is tied to Justice

individual dominance mentalities of kinship groups Ascended into the authority of God dispensing justice and evolved over 6 million years the power of multiples of individuals to work together under a single Will.  We have understood that our own Homo sapiens species heralded the superimposition of a strong inclination for individual vanity, which had the effect of reawakening the primate impulse to dominate leading to the temporary usurpation of God’s Will.  However, the larger evolutionary meaning of this vanity has been to transform God’s Will from small kinship groups into ever expanding states in the direction of one people – one group with the destiny to once again live within the mind of God.

We have understood the newly minted human consciousness discovered God through the ancient prophets of Israel.  We have understood that the ancient Greeks discovered both the Will of God to seek truth and that the playing of games can neutralize the malignancy of the seizure of Gods power into the lightness of diversion and delight.

We have understood that the essence of the game is the evolved capacity to compete according to an elaborate set of rules (which is what language is.)  So, it is through the progressive elaboration of rules that the evolutionary force of a living God continues to move us in the direction of our destiny.

The case is made that the power of ancient Rome rested in Roman law, and that of imperial England in the rise of their common law leading to the that landmark in history, the creation of the U. S. Constitution.

The Federalists were chastened by the failure of all previous republics in

Madison realized the failings of human nature

ancient Greece and Rome.  In the celebrated 10th Federalist Paper, James Madison places his finger on the cause for violent factionation as both the limitless inclination and the differing abilities of people to acquire what Alexander Hamilton refers to in Federalist #12 as “those darling objects of human avarice and enterprise.”  Madison concludes that, “The latent causes of faction are thus sewn in the nature of man”  However the argument for a strong federal government prevailed because without it, the states would inevitably end up squabbling with each other and the Europeans would eagerly pick back up the pieces. 

The well known solution struck by the Constitution was to accept this dark

Hamilton realized that commerse had to be protected.
Alexander Hamilton

proclivity for contentious factionation – born of human greed, vanity, and envy plus the reawakened primate inclination to dominate one another – and incorporate all of it into the system of government whereby power is separated into three vying institutions.  The innovation of the Constitution was that the evils of human nature could be controlled and neutralized by institutionalizing them into the heart of a tripartite system of government.  The purpose of the Constitution was to secure liberty by institutionalizing the very political factionalism that had always threatened it and to protect the very acquisitiveness that Madison had determined was the source of these violent tendencies in the first place.  The rules of the Constitution transformed both our chimpanzee politics and our boundless human fiscal sexuality into two grand national pastimes – a constant two ring sporting game.  This was not conjured up wholesale by dint of culture or reason but by the deft deployment of our 6 million year legacy of the capacity to construct and live according to a set of rules.

Living a life of playing and watching political and economic games can be full

Politics and commerce as games
Politics and Business

of fun and delight in the wholesome deployment of all our instincts, but is hardly an end in life and even becomes a distraction from the larger destiny of our species.


In the next post, we shall record the two most significant events in modern evolutionary history.    


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  1. I love this, John—you are becoming ever more clear and compelling in these explanations of God and human evolutionary destiny. This is also very salutary about games and politics, which puzzle and anger as many as they entertain, putting them in perspective.

  2. Thanks Richard; Sometimes I think that the greatest thing about living in this country is that it puts all the most dangerous people into an arena where they can just cancel each other out. Politics rarely rises above pure sanctimony.

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