God creating man
————————————————————————-God Creating Man

God creates by cohering things together into increasingly more complex forms.

1. God caused cosmic debris to fall together to create the earth (gravity).

2. God caused certain chemicals to be attracted to one another to create life, which is the gift of re-creation.

3. Each in its own time, God brought early forms of life together:                                                                   Bacteria→complex cells→                                                multi-cellular organisms-coordinated-by-brains.

But God did not stop there.

God then pulled and pushed together our primate ancestors into living within kin-groups.


hierarchyThe impulses to fight or flee were restrained by the imposition of the rules of hierarchy creating the dominance–submission interaction.


implosive vectors1. The bestowal of the cohesive mother-infant bond upon adults within a kinship group.
2. The bestowal of mother-infant fear of separation upon adults.
3. The transposition of the fear of being physically trapped to the fear of being trapped at the bottom/periphery of a kin-group.

Six-million years ago the epic privations of global cooling caused birthrates in apes to plummet into near extinction.

Climate change over milions of years

God created man from a chosen tribe of apes.


With fear and trembling:

1. Increasing the volume of the fear of separation.
2. Increasing the volume of the fear of being trapped at the bottom/periphery of a group.
3. Establishing the fear of banishment.

implosive vectorsThe implosive effect of these enhanced social fears was to compress the sterile interaction of dominance and submission between individuals into the single-minded fruitfulness of collective obedience to the authority of justice.

Thus God bestowed upon the chosen ape-tribe a single collective will demanding justice.

This infusion of justice into the associations between individuals created the power of work, the tasks of which assumed the authority to coordinate their divided labor producing success and fertility.

God’s Will is for man to render the law of the jungle into the law of justice.



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