12,000 year old Gobeki Tepe in Turkey
12,000 year old GOBEKI TEPE in Turkey











Stonehenge, England where groups assembled peacefully
Stonehenge, England at the Summer Solestice


We have mythologized that God created man by means of the Ascension of dominance into the entity of authority over small, monogamous groups. The structure and function of these groups transformed into organisms by virtue of the evolved foundation of absolute morality in the first 3 ½ million years of our hominid Family.  Continuing under the Authority of God, for the past 2 ½ million years of our Homo Genus, these small group-organisms evolved huge brains within which was distributed the single mind that coordinated their survival.  Finally, for the past 200,000 years, in our own Homo sapiens species, individuals evolved a highly sexualized ego, whose ultimate meaning is to transform small kinship tribes into a single Family on earth living under God’s Laws.

Circular stone in Orkneys were constructed for peaceful association
The Orkney Islands in Scotland

We have understood in the last series of FAQ’s how the power of many individuals to act under one Will has been usurped during much of our recent species’ history by politicians resulting in chronic war.  The object of this FAQ series is to demonstrate that the power of God Who created us in His image over the span of six million years has not just evaporated, but continues  staunchly within the substance of our relationships to cast the most powerful and relentlessly vibrant evolutionary force upon us.

At about the same time that the Egyptian pyramids were being erected, curious circular lithic structures were being constructed in Western Europe, most famously at Stonehenge, England.  Interestingly, many of these stone formations were built in extremely remote areas, such as the Orkney Islands, off the most northern part of Scotland. Even more remarkable are the T-shaped pillars of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey constructed 12,000 years ago by hunter gatherers with no traces of habitation.  Lead archeologist, Klaus Schmidt (Curry, 2008) “argues that the site’s antiquity and the lack of domesticated animal and plant remains is strong circumstantial evidence that symbolism and religion led to agriculture and domestication, not the other way around.”

In contrast to the pyramids being monuments to the hubris of individuals, these circular structures are clearly built in order to establish a sacred place for surrounding groups to gather and peacefully associate. Here we can observe the true meaning of the human mission.  The Will that motivated these peoples to build these structures not only clearly flowed from their desire to associate with one another but also led them to make careful observations of the greater cosmos.  This latter animation is manifested by the extraordinarily precise orientation of the structures in England to the seasonal positions of the sun.

In the next of this FAQ series, the legacy of the Greeks will be explored with respect to God.  Their awareness of hubris as the central human tragedy, the establishment of games as the central human secular activity, and, most of all, the seeking of truth as God’s highest calling.






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