exam nightmare(Have any interesting anxiety dreams? Put them in comments section.)

You are late and in a big hurry, but everyone is  relaxed and confident;

suddenly you are in a huge room full of desks,

Exam nightmare The American Nightmareand you realize you are supposed to be taking an exam!


 But exam nightmareyou never went to any of the classes!

 You just didn’t show up!

Winging it“Maybe I can just wing it.”

Are you kidding: you know nothing, nada, zippo . . .

Exam nightmare

Exam nightmare

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  1. Too many decades since I last took an exam. But during my years as a professor, I occasionally dreamt that I was standing in front of a class I was teaching and not having a clue about what to say. Not a nightmare, but unsettling.

    1. Hi Mark. When I was practicing, I heard this dream from people many times, and I have had it more times than I can count. A couple days ago I was at my dentist, who knows I was a psychiatrist: he started to say, “my wife and I keep having this dream about college. . .” I stopped him there and, much to his astonishment, told him what it was. I assume it is so common because so much was riding on those exams—or so it seemed at the time.

  2. More often than that, but similar, I have dreams where I am late to a performance, rushing to the theater, and when I get there I am thrown onto the stage but I don’t know the choreography! Nightmare!

  3. I worked for 25 years in Harvard Square.
    For the first five years, Cambridge parking was unmetered beyond the Square; the system of “Residents Only” Permitted Parking did not yet exist. One learned “back then” about how far the parking ticket squad was willing to walk to issue tickets. I parked safely in all sorts of different far away places. I still have recurring dreams to this day of forgetting where I parked the car in Cambridge. I have not worked there in over twenty years.

    1. Fantastic one Jerry. Soliciting any and all ANXIETY DREAMS. Any more in the offing? Does anyone dream that their teeth are disintegrating: crumbling, cracking, and generally falling apart?

      1. Yes, Yes and Yes. I have had teeth falling out dreams many times over the years. Sometimes I am chewing gum and the gum getting bigger and bigger and bigger and when I try to take it out of my mouth, my teeth come out with it! In my twenties, I met a psychiatrist who asked me about these dreams and he told me they were related to concerns with fertility. All I know is that I am now post-menopausal and still having them. Oy Gevalt!

        1. Vivien,
          Dream: I am waiting in front of the Sibley Hospital elevators on my way to morning rounds. Then I am in the crowded elevator minding my own business, when suddenly I sense that people are looking at me funny; I look down: NO PANTS!I FORGOT TO PUT MY PANTS ON.
          Ann reports the same sort of dream in a professional situation when she all of a sudden realizes: NO TOP!

  4. I often dream that I’m trying to register to finish college. I never did graduate due to all the much more fun and seemingly relevant things that were going on in the late 60’s. Each time I look a a campus, I realize that it’s too far from home, too far from Earl, too far from my dogs, too far from everything else I do…… Then I become deflated.

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