It's a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life!

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George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life has never felt that his altruistic, group-oriented behavior is really part of “him” (he’s the one who feels trapped and wants the bigger life); and the revelation that he has been existing in this other spiritual, old-mind realm all along is a wondrous surprise to him—so much so that he now doesn’t care whether he goes to jail or not!

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Sexual selection

Trump and Carson: Archetypes in Human Evolution

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Ben Carson can be understood as an archetype of our “old-mind” in which dominance and submission in apes evolved into obedience to the sacred authority of justice that has sustained our bounty and fertility. When our own species arose 200,000 years ago, superimposed upon our six million year evolution since apes, we evolved the passionate desire to attain social admiration, traditionally known as vanity. No one—no one—is going to make the claim that Trump is not vain.

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A Liberal Theory of Human Nature - V: Upright Posture, Great Big Brains and Only One Hand Ax

The Hand Ax Mystery: Evidence for peaceful association between groups – an excerpt from the book

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The next task of our Narrative is to resolve the paradox of the virtually static nature of the hand ax industry from Africa and across their vast Eurasian diaspora for 70,000 generations while, during the same time, there occurred an unprecedented growth in the brain.  I believe the solution to this riddle lies in considering …

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