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The myth begins with the ascension of dominance by means of a natural mechanism whereby He[1] installed Himself as our biological family’s single conscious Being for the six million years of our existence prior to Homo sapiens. For the first three and a half million years, this Being established its foundation in the Rule of …

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A Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir;#11: Progress, 2 Visions, and Abe Lincoln

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I came to an understanding that the secular progress in the history of our fallen species has been due the long evolved capacity for individuals to construct and subjugate themselves to rules of fairness in the form of secular law in ever expanding groups. Under the authority of law, political and economic competition has progressively …

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Okay, So God created me. So What? —#2:Prayer (II): Who do we pray to? – a Man or Woman? Alive? Inside or Out?

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First let’s dispense with the He or She issue as to how to refer to God. In my “mythology,” apes were going extinct six to seven million years ago due to low birth rates partially due to the massive waste of energy in constant male political competition over females in the face of deteriorating climates. …

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Alcoholics Anonymous’ Higher Power

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The following is a quote from my clinical book, Diagnosing and Treating Mental Illness, which is its sole reference to religion: “It has been said that AA is the most positive social movement to come out of the 20th century. It is a grassroots, folk movement with a down-to-earth spiritual dimension. AA is a people’s …

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Most people are not aware that our own Homo sapiens species within our original hunter gatherer bands were decidedly not hierarchical.  In Hierarchy in the Forest, the evolution of egalitarian behavior (1999,) Christopher Boehm brought to my attention one of the most important enigmas to be solved in the subject of human evolution: how and …

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God FAQ: How Do We Know God is Still Alive #4: American Civil War & World War II – “Salvation shall be not denied us if our heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.”

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Months after my birth in 1941, Roosevelt secretly met with Churchill at Argentia, Newfoundland with the storm clouds of world war ominously looming.   With British and American battle ships lashed together, the sailors all sang “Onward Christian Soldiers.” Although that battle song would be stricken from the hymnals following the war, this was a luminous …

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God FAQ: How Do We Know God Is Still Alive #3 – Modern History: The Reconstitution of God’s Justice through the Rise of Secular Law

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We have understood that by means of the process of selection inclusion, the individual dominance mentalities of kinship groups Ascended into the authority of God dispensing justice and evolved over 6 million years the power of multiples of individuals to work together under a single Will.  We have understood that our own Homo sapiens species …

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God FAQ: How Do We Know God Is Still Alive #2 – The Greeks; God orders Socrates to speak the truth plus G*A*M*E*S

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So, the ancient Israelis were the first to recognize that the power of God was tied to the rule of justice, and the Kings that invoke God without these rules bring nothing but devastation.  However, what sets the Israelis apart from the other three axial cultures (Greece, Buddhist India, and Confucian China) is their maintenance …

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In The Social Conquest of Earth, E. O. Wilson soft-pedals and sugarcoats the darkness of his vision of human nature so transparently expressed in his novel, Anthill, as similar to chronically warring colonies of ants – all our virtue derives from the cooperation necessary for groups to successfully wage war. In his ant myth of …

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God FAQ: Why Do Religions – Particularly those with One God – Fight So Much? #3: the Era of Usurpation

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All power on this earth derives from 6 million years of evolution in which kinship groups of 20-30 individuals evolved to divide their labor and function as a single organism.  The founding mothers of hominid Family domesticated the males into the fecundity of a monogamous mating system in which males had a genetic stake in …

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God FAQ: Why Do Religions – Particularly Those with One God – Fight So Much? (first of series)

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  This is a complex FAQ, but a very important  one because deep misunderstanding on this issue is a large reason for the hostility against religion.  I am going to use E.O.Wilson as my philosophical foil to begin with because there are two important points on which we agree.  First is that all human power …

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God FAQ: How God Created Man #3-Dominance Immersed into Authority & Language

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  Was sexual selection enough of an evolutionary force to establish monogamous kinship groups of 20-30 individuals with bonds strong enough to coordinate food gathering and fighting off predators?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Another evolutionary force emerged in nature 6 million years ago for the first time on this earth.  Starting with a …

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God FAQ’s: What is the difference between Deistic & Theistic God?

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                                                                 Theistic God                                                                              <<Versus>>                                                                                                               Deistic God Albert Einstein believed in a deistic God, which …

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