℞ for creeping cynicism

Rx for gloomy defeatism re climate, Ukraine, population, etc., etc.

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Since the Big Bang, the cosmos has had a linear direction toward amalgamation and association such that matter has been transforming into mind. Mind resides within the relationship between objects. At the subatomic “particle” level, matter itself exists as a relational matrix in which everything alters everything else. On Earth, as amino acids amalgamated into …

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So What;s the Book Aboutbelief in justice

Belief in Justice

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The proposal in this book that I am most adamant about is that justice is a collective human instinct (in addition to our individual ape instincts to dominate). Justice is not just something we dreamed up as Yuval Harari would have us believe in his book, Sapiens. Justice has been naturally selected over millions of …

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A Must Read for Seekers

A Must Read for Seekers

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If you are a religious “none” (none of the above), but remain a seeker, this is the book for you. John Haught is a distinguished theologian who has spent his long career thinking through connections between our outer world revealed by science and the inner experiential world of religion, and has a seasoned grasp of …

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Pose Francis and Conscience

Is Conscience a Result of Natural Selection?

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At the beginning of April, Pope Francis issued an “Apostolic Exhortation” on the subject of “Love in the Family,” which addresses the issue of divorce. Of great interest to the Blog is that the Pope has reintroduced conscience into Catholic dialogue. The Blog holds that the introduction of a collective conscience right at the beginning …

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