Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir; #6: Schizophrenia, Group Beliefs, and the Chasm of Politics

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Schizophrenia is the most mysterious major illness in all of medicine, made all the more fascinating to me because my own family’s secret was an afflicted aunt who had been banished to a sanatorium for her entire life. In a small room in the mortuary, I spend a half hour with her corpse meditating upon …

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Briefly noted—Book Review of “Neuromania: On the Limits of Brain Science” by Paolo Legrenzi and Carlo Umiltà

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“They provide an insightful and comprehensive overview of methods and techniques from the origins of brain science to today’s MRI scanners. However, rather than emphasizing state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, they focus on the limitations of the field… …Because the question “what happens in the brain when…?” fits practically any aspect of human activity, fMRI has …

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Briefly noted: “The Righteous Mind” (2012): ARE REPUBLICANS MORE MORAL THAN DEMOCRATS?

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Anyone who has been aware of the extraordinary media blitz by Jonathan Haidt about this book should read John T. Jost’s review in the Aug 3rd Science. Briefly stated, Haidt claims that all our moral views are rationalizations of emotional responses to six innate moral issues that he compares to tastes: care/harm, liberty/oppression, and fairness/cheating …

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God FAQ’s – How God Created Man: #1 Myth vs. Belief & Setting Scene

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Before proceeding on the FAQ series, we need to establish some definitions.  The word, “belief” has been hijacked by science to refer to theories that have been tested sufficiently to accept them temporarily until the next theory comes along.  Before serious science arrived in the 17th century, belief used to mean loyalty, like to a …

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Emotional Fossils – V – Summing It Up and Questions Raised

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  Mental illnesses lift out into bas-relief segments of our normal emotional function that have been evolved in the successive eras of our six million year hominid legacy, as if placing them under a microscope and magnifying their fundamental elements.  The anxiety disorders reveal that the source of their emanation is our social ecology.  Separation …

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Emotional Fossils III – The Sacred Disease

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In Hippocrates’ time, epilepsy was known as the sacred disease, because it was if the gods had seized the patient’s body.  Schizophrenia could have also been called a sacred disease, because it is as if the gods have seized the patient’s mind.  The most central symptom in Schizophrenia is the unshakable belief that an external …

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