Each layer can exert its own influenced if needed,

And is modulated into the layer below:

1. Fight and Flight (primates>52 million years ago)

      Survival of the fittest individual

            Modulated by fear of family separation


2. Dominance and Submission (primates<52 MYA)

            Protection from predators

Modulated by fear of banishment from group


3.  Coordinated teamwork (hominins<6 MYA)

            Survival of the most productive relationships (Justice)

            Modulated by desire for/by one another


4. Desire, and desire-to-be-desired (Homo sapiens<300,000YA)

            Aggregation of populations→survival of fittest knowledge (Truth)

            Modulated by us-vs-them aggression (charismatic tyrants)


5. Group dominance and submission (<12,000YA)

            Survival of fittest group (chronic war)

            Modulated by #3 and #4


6. Charismatic Authority of Truth and Justice (<2,500YA)

            Survival of life on earth

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