3 months
3 months



















First Birthday
First Birthday


















Christmas Party 1959
Christmas Party 1959


















































































Graduation Concord


Polly & Alex June 15, 1966
Polly & Alex
June 15, 1966



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  1. This is good medicine for us. Thank you for being such a wonderful siblings to Alex. Debbee

  2. Thank you for these pictures….. it has just been in the last 3-4 years that I have gotten to know Alex, as a friend and neighbor, so it is wonderful to learn a bit about her younger days. She was a gift…….

  3. This is a wonderful visual tale for us to treasure, a glimpse into Alex’s long and marvelous story. Thank you, John

  4. Thank you John for sharing these moments of Alex’s life with us, this amazing warm person always. I know it runs in the family as I have watched you love and care for her over these months.

  5. Great quote, John. Especially when I remember Alex in cowboy boots and short skirts that showed off her famously shapely legs…striding into adventures of ALL sorts.

  6. I especially love seeing the young painter and the delighted face of the kindergarten graduate. How wonderful to see photos of those early years. Alex was blessed with amazing siblings. Thanks for sharing John.

  7. Thank you for this glimpse into her early years. A happy looking tribe! Wonderful to see Alex so well cared for and beloved.

  8. Thanks for sharing these sweet photographs of your sister. It is evident that she carried all these memories with her as she lived her life. She was a fun woman to know through all her life’s adventures! It was a great experience working with her on the farm and a pleasure to keep the friendship as our paths moved forward on their different paths! She will be missed!

  9. Alex Smiles

    Always more than a grin

    Her intimate invitation to us

    To love her world

    As she did

  10. I’ve known Alex for many years as the sister of my best friend. I first met her as she was
    about to start her life having graduated from college. She was going to be a
    Vermont farmer. Many young kids follow their fantasies; I thought she would have a brief go at it, but what happened? She was tough, smart and dedicated, and showed an incredible
    talent. She became a real first rate farmer.
    I fell for her warm, humorous, jewel of a personality and I enjoyed every occasion with her
    thereafter. This last chapter was so unfair but she was so terrific, we will all feel the loss.

  11. Alex’s spunky spirit shone through every photo, even as an infant. She remained true to her inner self throughout her life – and has inspired us to do the same. We are all blessed for having known Alex.

  12. Alex had a knowing twinkle in her eye way back then! I loved the glimpse into her childhood. Thank you for that. The picture with the litter of poodles especially captured me. Here’s to Alex’s ever-positive way of moving through the world. We all have so much to learn from her and her undaunted spirit.

  13. Dear Wylies,
    Thank you much for sharing these very special photographs that stir so many wonderful memories. Thank you for being such terrific neighbors. I can still see Mrs. Wilcox patiently waiting for all of the young Riverdalians to assemble on your huge couch for the annual Christmas Photograph. I will always remember Alex’s smile, laughter and kindness. She certainly will be missed by everyone who ever knew her. Much love from afar, Peter Thacher

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