Welcome! This site started in 2012 as a blog to record the contemporaneous science that pertained to the evolution of the human mind.

I have progressively integrated this unfolding science into a theory of how our mind evolved based my prior psychiatric researches in thirty-five years of clinical practice. I have determined that major mental illnesses can be viewed as “emotional fossils” possessing information about the deep evolution of our inner emotions and motivations.

Most recently, I have organized my thinking into a book which is a sustained argument for a new evolutionary narrative of  the mind: Emotional Fossils: Mental illness and Human Evolution. You can get an accurate picture of the contents of the book by going to the BOOK page in the above menu: many past blog-posts have been incorporated into a “holistic” site where you can toggle back and forth between linked facets of my argument. But if you would like to grasp the entire philosophical laid out as a sustained argument, read this published essay; or watch this video.

This website continues to scan new science and is a work in progress.

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