Freud and Darwin & Ontogeny and Phylogeny

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Ontology (the development of the individual) recapitulates phylogeny (the evolution of the species) is more applicable to the mind than the body. The process of identification in the oedipal complex is related to communication in early hominins.

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The Freudian Ego Cast As the Hero

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                                ADDENDUM TO PREVIOUS POST In 1991, when we were “full tilt” with four young kids, working like hell and always strapped, I announced to my magnificently indulgent wife that I intended to hire a cartoonist at $100 per picture to illustrate my thoughts. I placed the following ad in The Washington Post:   AD …

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Freud’s ideas on the Evolution of Emotion

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My psychiatric training in the early 1970’s was completely dominated by Freudian ideas. After finally comprehending the basics of how the superego is installed into the child’s mind during growth and development (last post), my interest shifted to the evolution of human emotion since the last common ancestor about six million years ago. This blog …

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Superego and God: Post-Freudian Notion of Superego Formation (with cartoons!)

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In my psychiatric residency training, long before I became interested in Darwinian psychology, I became fascinated with the various post-Freudian theories about how the superego became installed into the mind in childhood. Everybody knows about the oedipal complex. The boy falls in love with his mother, has fantasies that the father will castrate him in …

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