A Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir; #2: The Magic of Sexual Selection

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I observed that prison society is arranged vertically and that the core interaction is dominance and submission. I clearly remember when my first major insight struck me. I was at a routine meeting with a group of inmates, heatedly discussing a recent incident. I suddenly recognized that it was as if I was sitting inside …

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Most people are not aware that our own Homo sapiens species within our original hunter gatherer bands were decidedly not hierarchical.  In Hierarchy in the Forest, the evolution of egalitarian behavior (1999,) Christopher Boehm brought to my attention one of the most important enigmas to be solved in the subject of human evolution: how and …

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God FAQ: Did We Make God Up – or Discover Him?

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The stagnant myth that has seeped unnoticed down into a pool beneath our current secular philosophy is that, when humans got smart enough to worry about what happened to us after death and to wonder about the cosmos around us, we invented first religion and then God.  Freud, the philosopher: we concocted a father who …

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God FAQ: Why Do Religions – Particularly Those with One God – Fight So Much? #2 the role of SEX in war

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The larger question in this series of posts is why monotheistic religions fight so much. The short answer to that question is very simple. The monotheistic, Abrahamic religions have discovered the reality that all human power derives from a single, living Will usually called God. This force brought prosperity to the ancient peoples that walked …

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