A Philosophical Journey – Discovering the Mystery of Creation in the Mind – a memoir; #9: The Narrative

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I concluded that, in order for the newly evolved hominid entity of group authority to coordinate group behavior, a new form of communication evolved in which all group members had to be constantly gesturing to each other in order to “stay on the same page,” similar to the mutual interactions with constant small adjustments of …

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The Innovation of Language at the Dawn of Creation 6M yrs Ago

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By means of the transformation rendered by by selection inclusion between dominance and submission mentalities, a new kind of organism emerged comprised of twenty or thirty individuals made up of four to seven families. These newly organismic group entities were connected to one another by the full range of kinship and in-law relationships by virtue …

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How Can Marxism & Capitalism Help Us Understand the Ascension of Individual Dominance in Apes Into the Entity of Authority in Hominids?

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The premise in this blog is that, the event that initiated our hominid biological family was the ascendance of the will of individual apes to dominate each other into the entity of group justice in small monogamous hominid bands of 20-30 individuals. But what would drive such a unique natural process? There are two important …

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Hominin vs. Hominid: Human Exclusivity and the Politics of the Enlightenment

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It all began when Copernicus demonstrated that the Earth was not the center of the universe.  Then Darwin showed that we were nothing special – just another ape.  Reading between the lines in Richard Dawkins’ Selfish Gene one detects a near satanic glee that the tooth and claw beast to which we had been reduced …

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  I wish to be clear about the differences between Dr. Wilson’s vision of who we are based on his knowledge of ants and various other insects and my knowledge based on my direct observation of human emotions. First, as far as the “kin selection” debate, he dismisses the importance of William Hughes’ landmark finding …

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God FAQ: How God Created Man #3-Dominance Immersed into Authority & Language

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  Was sexual selection enough of an evolutionary force to establish monogamous kinship groups of 20-30 individuals with bonds strong enough to coordinate food gathering and fighting off predators?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Another evolutionary force emerged in nature 6 million years ago for the first time on this earth.  Starting with a …

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Let’s accept the premise, without understanding it exactly, that, by a mechanism similar to sexual selection, the dominance mentalities of 20-30 monogamously mated hominids began to be selected at the level of their group to select obedience to the essence of the  Ten Commandments in all of their submissive mentalities.  In addition to obedience to  …

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PREMISE: The cause of the EXPLOSION OF HOMINID SPECIES IN THE FACE OF THE DECLINE OF APES, due to deteriorating climates 6 million years ago, WAS A MAJOR EVOLUTIONARY INNOVATION. It would logically follow that: 1. The single most important characteristic that identifies an ape as a hominid – BIPEDALISM –  would be central to …

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