The Ascension of the Human Spirit #2: The Spiritual Life of Primates

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Group formation in primates 52 million years ago involved a dynamic equilibrium between the fight-flight responses of individuals and the 2 fears emanating from groups: 1) separation and 2) being trapped at the periphery, on the precipice of banishment. The result was dominance-submission hierarchies.

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The myth begins with the ascension of dominance by means of a natural mechanism whereby He[1] installed Himself as our biological family’s single conscious Being for the six million years of our existence prior to Homo sapiens. For the first three and a half million years, this Being established its foundation in the Rule of …

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  I wish to be clear about the differences between Dr. Wilson’s vision of who we are based on his knowledge of ants and various other insects and my knowledge based on my direct observation of human emotions. First, as far as the “kin selection” debate, he dismisses the importance of William Hughes’ landmark finding …

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God FAQ: How God Created Man #3-Dominance Immersed into Authority & Language

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  Was sexual selection enough of an evolutionary force to establish monogamous kinship groups of 20-30 individuals with bonds strong enough to coordinate food gathering and fighting off predators?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Another evolutionary force emerged in nature 6 million years ago for the first time on this earth.  Starting with a …

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The Ascendance of Dominance

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Recall that Tim White’s team of Ardipithecus ramidus experts chose Owen Lovejoy to interpret that the mating system of this founding species of our hominid Family was monogamous.  Recall also that this is reinforced by the finding that the mating systems of the founding species of all the other super-cooperative species besides us (insects) were …

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Two Dimorphisms and an Ascension via “Selection Inclusion.”

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To me, Charles Darwin’s discovery of sexual selection rivals that of natural selection. In natural selection, the selecting is done totally by nature and change is rendered through chance mutation of genes.  In sexual selection, a portion of the power to select is seized by one of nature’s creations, usually the female of a species, …

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