Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind

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Since my retirement 10 years ago, Ape Mind, Old Mind, New Mind has been a work in progress. The basic ideas arose from my knowledge of the internal experience of the major mental illnesses directly imparted to me by thousands of my patients in 35 years of practicing psychiatry. The “data” of these composite descriptions …

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A Liberal Theory of Human Nature

Republicans Democrats and Human Nature

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A glaring weakness of the agenda of the political left is that social justice does not appear to be rooted in the flesh and blood of human nature. The two most influential thinkers on our attitudes about what makes us tick are Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud: we are ape-men who when psychoanalyzed are revealed …

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An American Pilgrimage

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I have never been one that would conceive of going on a religious pilgrimage, but have just returned from an American pilgrimage. It would be a purely secular journey in any other country, but the very essence of America dwells in the spiritual realm of ideas. The very heart of the American ethos was forged …

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Trump's Hair-3

Advice (and hope) for Trump from the BMA (Bald Men of America)

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Science from a peculiar source indicates that our bodies have been hairless for at least 3.3 million years. The DNA of the lice that infest our head hair has a continuous ancestry for 12 million years, well prior to appearance of our hominin tribe six million years ago. However, the lice that reside on our …

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Old Mind New Mind

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An Evolved Will for Justice Separates Us from Apes Perhaps the world’s foremost scientist on the subject of mind evolution, Michael Tomasello, states in his recent book, A Natural History of Human Thinking (2014): The main problem is that collaboration, communication, and thinking do not fossilize, so we will always be in a position of …

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No Bullshit

The Four Qualities That Make a Good Doctor

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Upon my son and daughter-in-law’s graduation from Harvard Medical School, the Dean gave the students three pieces of superb advice. The first two are fairly standard: (1) “Be kind” (2) “Listen to your patient” A quick and easy way to determine whether you have a good doctor in the first ten minutes of an appointment …

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***”Our Two Minds, Emotions and Motivations in Human Evolution”*** The Book

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This alternative view of human nature is a deeper, richer, and far more noble narrative of our exclusively human legacy: that of an indomitable spirit possessed of a will for justice and sustained through the millennia by the bounty that it fosters.

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A Philosopher’s Initiation Rites

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My first philosophical theater was a maximum security prison. Early in my employment, I spent some time counseling an inmate who had been confined to a solitary cell in the infirmary because he somehow had repeatedly gained access to razor blades with which he would compulsively slash his own arms and legs. Later in my …

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