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I started this blog in 2012 as a laboratory for testing new ideas. All of those ideas have now crystallized into a book, Ape mind, Old Mind, New Mind. The home page is organized to quickly give you an overview of my thinking.

I am a retired psychiatrist. For three decades, my patients taught me precisely how each of the mental illnesses are subjectively experienced. These descriptions of their suffering led me to conceive of how and why the inner life of our mind has evolved—from its very beginnings in early primates up through our ancestral hominin species, and finally into our own Homo sapiens species.

The best place to start is to click each of the three large orange squares on the home page. This will give you a fastWisdom Scienceoverview of a new narrative of human evolution. The regular blog posts focus on demonstrating how current scientific findings and other aspects of our modern life can be illuminated by this new dimension of human nature. After spending five or ten minutes scanning the homepage (don’t miss “the excavation of Urmensch”), and then following the short, easy-to-understand posts for a month or two, I guarantee that you will start feeling better about not only who you are, but who we all are, and where we are headed.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. For a complete summary of the blog wrapped around political philosophy, click here


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